Fairy garden

Fairy garden

Got an old tub? Turn it into a fairy garden. Youngsters will love this cute little garden which features low-growing plants such as lobelias and alyssum. The grass is Irish moss, says Michelle, the garden’s creator. If you can’t find that here, try our native moss-like ground cover scleranthus, or baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) instead. Head over to Michelle’s site Burgh Baby to see how she made the fairy house and other objects.


  1. wow i love this fairy garden,its fab!!

  2. Hi, I love these kids ideas, my current project is supposed to be making a fairy ring in the lawn; ie a ring of flowering plants in my lawn (dappled shade ideally) that come up in springtime. Can you suggest some suitable flowers for this? Some tall grassy bulb types would be great to define the shape & I love the freesias etc you picked for this last post. Thanks!

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