Kids' Gardens

DIY clay plant labels

Aren’t these the cutest plant labels ever? The little critters are fashioned with cookie cutters and oven-bake clay. A customisable stamp is then used to print the name of the plant into the clay.

See how to make a fairy garden, a runner bean house, draw-on pavers and a cute DIY kids’ fence here.

Read more about starting a kids-friendly vegetable garden over at Twinkl.

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Fairy garden

Fairy garden

Got an old tub? Turn it into a fairy garden. Youngsters will love this cute little garden which features low-growing plants such as lobelias and alyssum. The grass is Irish moss, says Michelle, the garden’s creator. If you can’t find that here, try our native moss-like ground cover scleranthus, or baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) instead. Head over to Michelle’s site Burgh Baby to see how she made the fairy house and other objects.

Keep the kids happy

childrens tree house
Childrens birdhouseChildren's tic tac toe

Get your kids out into the garden with these cute distractions – tic tac toe, complete with ladybirds and dragonflies; a fun mosaic birdhouse, with a teacup handle perch (the kids can help decorate this one); and a rustic, living treehouse. The latter makes a great climbing frame for all sorts of climbing edible plants, including peas, grapes and cocktail kiwifruit.

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Kid’s play garden

play garden1
play garden 2
Here’s a clever idea to get tiny tots into the garden. Let them decorate their own play area. The super smart Kelly, from Be A Fun Mum, came up with the clever notion of drawing on pavers. Last time I checked, pavers like these cost a mere 90c each, and you can easily find them at your local DIY store. Add a few toy trucks, and a smattering of pebbles for cross-country trucking, and you have an instant play garden.

DIY: Cute plant labels

Montage plant labels

Here’s a fun activity for little green thumbs: lettuce patch labels and carrot crossing markers. They’re all dead simple to make. All that’s required is a little artistic flair. Get the lowdown on how to make the carrot crossing markers here; the painted rocks in the middle photo can be found over at Whimsy Love, along with some other crafty ideas; the wooden plant labels, illustrated by Suna and beautifully sanded by young Cyrus, can be found over here.

Gardening with kids

Little girl with flowers
Nurture budding green thumbs by planting oversized flowers and brightly coloured blooms. Kids adore sunflowers, especially when they begin to tower above their heads. Sow seeds directly in the ground, then watch them shoot skywards. When the sunflowers inch just above your kids’ heads, mark their height on the stem with a ribbon. As the sunflower continues to grow, the ribbon will grow higher and higher. Want the tallest sunflowers in the neighbourhood? Grow ‘Skyscraper’ from Kings Seeds, which grows a staggering 3.60m high. [Read more…]

Cute DIY kids’ fence

Kids fence
This quirky faux-birdhouse fence is the perfect backdrop to a kids’ garden. Use different hues for each paling for a fun result – the brighter the colours the better. For step-by-step instructions, read on… [Read more…]