DIY stepping stones

DIY garden paversThese cute little pavers were created by Swedish garden writer Charlotte Bladh. The DIY features over on her blog (click here to see), though unless you speak Swedish, you won’t understand much. But here’s what I reckon you need to do.
Mix cement as to the packet’s instructions. Find a suitable mould, plus a huge leaf, such as a rhubarb leaf. Oil the leaf so it releases easily. Lay down some plastic or tarpaulin on a flat surface and place the leaf, underside up, on top. Place the mould on top of the leaf, then fill with concrete. You may need to place a weight on top of the mould to keep it firmly in place. Let the concrete dry, then remove the mould. Set aside in a warm, dry spot to cure for a couple of weeks before placing it in your garden.


  1. love this idea…and yay..another new zealander! 🙂 hi neighbour! lol

  2. What are you using as your mold? And how did you get the concerete to not stick? Ive never done anything like this before and don’t want to make a huge mess of it! Thanks!

  3. I’m Danish, so this is just a rough translation. 🙂

    1. Mix the cement (fine concrete) until it has a porridge-like consistency. The water/concrete relation also stands on the package/the instructions. Stir for about 10 minutes.
    2. Saw (or cut) a piece of round cardboard in the size you wish. You can buy these cylindrical cardboard pieces in most Home Depot stores or such.
    3. Öil the leaf to make it relaese better. Put it on a flat surface with plastic underneath, to protect the leaf.
    4. Press the cardboard ring down (don’t be gentle) against the leaf and fill it with concrete. Stir softly so that no bubbles will form.
    5. Put a heavy thing on top of the cardboard ring, so the concrete will stay in its place and keep its shape.
    6. Let the concrete harden 24 hours in the mould (or, it literally says let it stay for 24 hours and nothing else, so I expect they mean in the mould and not outside of it).

    Basically, you’re correct about everything. Thank you for the nice tip! 🙂

  4. Love this idea!

  5. j’adore !


  7. You may need to put some type of reinforcement through the middle of the stepping stone to keep it from cracking over time. Perhaps some mesh screening (i e chicken wire) halfway through your pour.

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