Try a trollius


Here’s something different to try: the globeflower, or trollius. This perennial plant likes moist conditions and part-shade, and shows its vibrant-coloured blooms in late spring and early summer. It’s a great cut flower – just look at these! – and it’s one of the few cut flowers that will grow in shade (they’ll grow in sun too). Pick the flowers when they are just starting to open.

Make sure you position your plants in soil that won’t dry out over summer. Add plenty of compost before planting to maintain moisture levels. Having said that, you don’t want them to be sitting in water over winter, or you might kill them, so choose your spot carefully.


  1. Hi Jane, they are lovely will they grow in Drury – South of Auckland?

  2. Hi Jane, Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know

  3. Julia O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Jane, Is this plant available at most garden centres. I live in North Canterbury.
    Thankyou Jane …I love your posts.

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