Prettiest chook house ever

Chicken coop with green roof

Regularly in the habit of turning boring lawns into sustainable microfarms, the clever girls at Star Apple Edible Gardens have come up with this novel idea for a pre-fab chicken coop complete with succulent roof. If I was allowed chooks in my backyard, I’d be the first to get one, but as I can’t I might have to make do with a green-roofed shed, letterbox or dog kennel (not that I have a dog). Want to make your own? Click here for instructions on how to construct a green roof for your pooch’s pad.

Sensational succulents

Sensational succulentsI’m forever harping on about the benefits of using succulents in floral designs, and now I’ll show you why. Just take a squiz at these eye-popping displays from Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. Amazingly simple to put together yet they make exquisite eye candy, don’t you think?

Wall of succulents

Wall of succulents
They were in fashion, they were out of fashion, and now they’re back in fashion again. Living walls of art. You can make your own stylish wall of succulents with this tutorial. Or try planting up a wall of herbs instead for a nifty kitchen garden.