Super duper succulents

succulents2succulent bowls
I adore succulents (we know that already) because these colourful plants are just so versatile. They look great in bouquets and vases and they make very cute table centrepieces. There’s not much work involved with them either. Just plant them in a sunny spot that’s free-draining, and that’s it. Although sometimes snails like to munch on the succulent leaves. Grrr. You might need to resort to putting down snail bait.

The bottom two images come from Stephenie Wong’s Pinterest page and the top one, which includes dahlias, roses, freesias and billy buttons (Craspedia globosa), is from Sugar Plum Invitations.

Succulent succulents

succulent bouquet
Succulent bouquetSucculent bouquet
Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of succulents in bouquets, their plump leaves often forming a rose-like bloom. And if you’re whipping up your own wedding bouquet – or just need a sure bet ‘bloomer’ – succulents are a good pick. Their colours are super trendy too, with deep burgundies and silver greys extremely popular.

Photo credits: top bouquet with burgundy aeoniums from Wedding chicks; middle bouquet with green succulents; bottom bouquet from Flora Grubb Gardens.

Succulents on pedestal

succulent pedestal

Got an old floor lamp that’s surplus to requirements? At least for its intended purpose. Turn it into a plant container. Here, the lamp shade has been removed and a lined basket filled with soil set in its place. It’s a super clever idea, and especially great where height is needed in the garden. Check out more container ideas for succulents at Mod Vintage Life.

Yarn pockets

Yarn pockets

International Yarn Bombing Day was held on June 11th last year. What’s IYBD you ask? “It’s an art craze cooked up by a bunch of ladies ’round the world who like to wrap things in yarn,” says “More than that, they fancy themselves to be the softer side of street art — instead of spray paint and wheat paste, they cover things in cozy, custom-made sweaters.” Had I known about it, I might have knitted something like these cute little yarn pockets, which feature over at Offbeat Home. They even provide a pattern for making your own. Go on. Get your knitting needles out. The next International Yarn Bombing Day is slated for June 9th, 2012.

Plant Now: Succulents

Grey succulent in floral design
Succulents in floral designSucculents in glass jar
Ahhh. I do love succulents. In the garden and in the vase. I used to think they were pretty common, but I revised my thinking when I discovered the trend for putting them in bouquets. They simply make divine cut flowers, and once the rest of the flowers have packed it in, you plant your succulent stems back in the garden. Echeverias and aeoniums are often used as cut flowers because their rosettes perch on the top of long stems. Here’s a tip. Check out your local hospice shop. They often have cheap succulents for sale. Succulents need very little attention. In fact, I never feed or water mine. Just plant them in a sunny spot and let them get on with it.

Photo credits: The top photo is from Style Me Pretty; the middle photo is also from Style Me Pretty (check out the full gallery here); and the bottom photo – yes, you guessed it – is from the ever-inspirational Style Me Pretty too. We love you, Style Me Pretty!

Tasty table centrepiece

centrepiece edible photoThis adorable table display features edibles (pomegranates, cherry tomatoes, grapes, chilli peppers, crab apples and dates among others), a few flowers and succulents — all packed into rustic-looking wine crates. And look at the result! A wedding table design that looks good enough to eat. Well, it is. Which is quite befitting, because both bride and groom are chefs. The bride just happens to be the best friend of Megan ‘Cupcake’ Finley, who featured this and other non-floral centrepieces over at Offbeat Bride.

Succulent balls for indoors

Succulent balls

Here’s a new take on indoor gardening. Succulent balls as houseplants. There’s no reason why you couldn’t replicate these fabulous orbs yourself, although watering might be tricky. Your best option would be too take the whole ball outdoors for a good watering and let it drip dry before returning it to its indoor spot. Succulent balls are easy to make. Just get two half-round hanging baskets, line them with sphagnum moss then fill with soil. Clip the two baskets together with wire to form a ball, then start planting!

Photos come from Apartment Therapy.

DIY: Cute bird feeder

DIY birdfeeder

Build a sheltered bird cafe to keep your feathered friends satisfied during the winter months. This cute DIY bird feeder, complete with succulent roof, featured in NZ Gardener magazine last year – designed and constructed by me! Once made, all you need to do is top up the tray with bird seed and you’ll have them flocking to your backyard. Click on the link below to download the step-by-step instructions.

Download PDF instructions for bird feeder

Succulent roof for dog house

Dog house with succulents

I love this green-roofed dog house, which features over at Sky Gardens. If I had a dog I would build one myself. Perhaps I could make one for the cat instead. Here, the handsome Finn and Cooper pose beneath their fine abode, which is planted with numerous flowering sedum. Cute! The dogs and the dog house.

Succulent wreath

Christmas wreath using succulents
I made this succulent wreath for a magazine shoot a few years back. Unlike fresh flowers, you can make this well in advance because succulents pretty much last forever (provided you give them the occasional water). All you need to make this wreath is chicken wire (shaped into a 3-D ring), sphagnum moss to line the ring, and free-draining succulent mix to fill it. Then it’s just a matter of poking the succulent cuttings into the wreath. Super easy.