Plant now: Scabiosas

Red scabiosa

The red scabiosa, Scabiosa atropurpurea, has long-lasting burgundy-red blooms that are to-die-for. This flower was developed especially for the cut flower industry, so it has all the best traits – long stems, long-lasting flowers and true beauty. Sow seeds in trays now for transplanting later. Pop the trays in a warm spot and keep them moist until ready to transplant. Seeds are available from Kings Seeds.

This lovely photo is by Yukinobu Fujino from Fleurs Tremolo.

A posy of pincushion flowers

Scabiosa bouquet
Scabiosa floral display
This gorgeous bunch of blooms is made up predominantly of red and purple scabiosa, also known as pincushion flower. There are some dahlias in there too (see the hint of yellow in the background?) and what looks to be thyme leaves. I couldn’t think of anything yummier! Beautifully romantic blooms and a pretty aroma.

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Zinnias, berries, Queen Anne’s lace and lilacs

Zinnias and berries in flower arrangement
lilac and queen anne's lace
Are your zinnias in bloom yet? Here’s an idea for a lovely summery display. In the top photo blazing orange zinnias are mixed with berries, Queen Anne’s lace, crocosmia and greenery. Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora is actually a weed here, but there are cultivated varieties sold now that are more restrained.

The second arrangement also contains Queen Anne’s lace, mixed this time with lilacs and dark purple scabiosa. [Read more…]