Q&A: Why is my rosemary looking so scraggly?

Rosemary in flower

Q. My rosemary plant is looking a little sad. Should I be pruning or feeding it?

A. Take a look first where it is planted. Rosemary likes a free-draining soil. If planted in waterlogged soils, plants may succumb to root rot. Check to see if water pools around your plant after watering or after a rainy spell. If it does, it might be best to shift it to a more free-draining spot. Incorporate grit or pumice into your soil to ensure better drainage. Rosemary also likes a slightly limy soil. If your soil is particularly acidic, add lime to make it more alkaline. An occasional liquid feed can benefit plants, but it’s not essential. However, I would recommend giving your rosemary a light prune, even just a tip prune, each year to maintain its shape and prevent legginess. Wait until after flowering to prune, and avoid cutting back into leafless wood as it won’t resprout. Jane

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