Zinnias, berries, Queen Anne’s lace and lilacs

Zinnias and berries in flower arrangement
lilac and queen anne's lace
Are your zinnias in bloom yet? Here’s an idea for a lovely summery display. In the top photo blazing orange zinnias are mixed with berries, Queen Anne’s lace, crocosmia and greenery. Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora is actually a weed here, but there are cultivated varieties sold now that are more restrained.

The second arrangement also contains Queen Anne’s lace, mixed this time with lilacs and dark purple scabiosa. [Read more…]

Summer bouquets

Flower bouquet by VSF
Summer bouquet by VSF
These two floral designs, from VSF, look to me like quintessential summer bouquets (albeit early summer). Gorgeous roses and pretty cottage garden flowers are mixed with scented foliage and vines. The top design features roses, pretty blue tweedia, wild clover, yellow fritillaria, scented geranium leaves and ferns. The bottom design includes large white clematis flowers, umbelliferous Queen Anne’s lace and blue and white love-in-a-mist. If you have a cottage garden, you probably have most of these plants already. Lucky you!