Plant Now: Physostegia


Physostegia virginiana, or obedient plant, is grown for its tubular white or pink flowers. ‘Vivid’ is one of the best varieties for cutting, with its long-lasting bright pink blooms. The stiff stems are ideal for arranging.

These plants are called obedient because you can push the flowers in any direction and they’ll stay.

Physostegia prefers average, moist soil, though plants are drought tolerant. Plant in full sun. Pick when just a few flowers at the base of the flower stalk are open.

Look for this plant at garden centres or online nurseries.

Plant Now: Obedient Plant

Physostegia virginiana, aka obedient plant, is grown for its tubular white or pink to lavender flowers. The flowers grow on tall stems and are long-lasting, making them ideal for the vase. In bloom from summer to autumn, physostegias prefer average, moist soil, though they are tolerant of some drought.

I can’t say I see these plants at garden centres that often, but if you google you’ll find several online nurseries that have them.

Photo credits: The top image is via  Growing Colors, the middle image is via Prairie Nursery.