Loving the lilacs

Purple lilacs
Lilacs and celosiaLilacs and anemone
Lilacs are just so darn beautiful, it’s too bad I can’t grow them here in Auckland. But I can grow those fuzzy, brain-like celosia, as seen in the middle photo. It’s best to wait until spring to plant those though, otherwise they won’t survive the winter. I can also plant anemones like the sumptuous looking purple ones in the bottom photo. In fact, it’s your last chance to get these bulbs in the ground now. Get them in during the month of May and your anemones should flower for you in late winter/early spring.

These lovely images are from Design Sponge.

Zinnias, berries, Queen Anne’s lace and lilacs

Zinnias and berries in flower arrangement
lilac and queen anne's lace
Are your zinnias in bloom yet? Here’s an idea for a lovely summery display. In the top photo blazing orange zinnias are mixed with berries, Queen Anne’s lace, crocosmia and greenery. Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora is actually a weed here, but there are cultivated varieties sold now that are more restrained.

The second arrangement also contains Queen Anne’s lace, mixed this time with lilacs and dark purple scabiosa. [Read more…]