Herbs in bouquets

Don’t you love herbs in bouquets? Aside from the pretty flowers and textured foliage, the scent they emit is scrumdiddlyumptious (now there’s a grand word). The wedding bouquet above features rosemary and sage leaves (yummy fragrance), hypericum berries (from the St John’s wort plant) and a white lily of sorts. I can imagine prancing down the aisle with this, leaving a delicious scent in my wake.

Then there’s lavender. What can you say about lavender? It’s divine. Plant it in the garden, pick it for the vase and use it in cooking. Try lavender scones. Then serve a fresh pot of mint tea to go with them.

More on how to grow lavender


Plant Now: Lavender

Lavender head wreath
Lavender table decorationLavender wedding bouquetLavender table decoration
Are these not THE most beautiful images ever? Fields of lavender and pretty flower girls with lavender head wreaths.

Now’s a good time to plant, and even transplant, lavender. Lavenders actually transplant well, but they may not flower in the first season after they’re moved. If you do wish to transplant one, snip off any flowers, cut the roots back a little then plant it in its new position. Leave Lavandula stoechas varieties until early spring.

Lavender likes a gritty, sandy loam. [Read more…]

DIY: Dinky lavender bags

Lavender is not only a fab ornamental garden plant, the dried flowers can be used for decorative or medicinal purposes. Use them in potpourri or bath sachets, or make these dinky little lavender bags using scraps of fabric. To dry lavender, pick the flowers just as they open and hang them upside down in a dark dry area with plenty of air circulation. [Read more…]