Plant Now: Kalanchoe


Kalanchoes, also known as flaming Katies, are easy-to-grow plants with cheery clusters of brightly coloured blooms. They’re perfect for winter, their flowers lasting several weeks, even months.

And they are low-maintenance. Place them in a well lit position in indirect sun and water once or twice a week. Once in winter should do – the soil should dry out slightly before the next watering. Don’t overwater your plants or you’ll kill them, and make sure you have a drainage tray or saucer that can be emptied. Keep your plants away from draughts too.

That’s about it. You don’t need to feed your plants when in flower, but you could apply a balanced fertiliser once the flowers have finished, if you wish.

If you’re purchasing a new plant, pick one that is still in bud.

Kalanchoe cut flowers

Kalanchoe blooming branchKalanchoe flower blossomsKalanchoe
The potted indoor Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (aka flaming Katy) is in bloom for about 10 weeks over winter and early spring, so it makes sense that it lasts well as a cut flower too. It certainly looks pretty in a vase, and I’ve seen it used in wedding bouquets. There are both single and double flowered forms, and the blooms come in vibrant colours or paler hues.