Plant now: Gypsophila or baby’s breath


It’s time to plant another round of gypsophila. These days I couldn’t do without this plant – it’s so on trend. One large vase full of these dainty looking blooms is simply gorgeous. You may find Gypsophila elegans seedlings in garden centres if you’re lucky, otherwise you can get seeds from Trade Me or Gstuff. Egmont Seeds has a pink version, Gypsophila muralis ‘Gypsy Pink’, and GardenPost has the pink Gypsophila elegans ‘Deep Carmine’. I’m currently growing the latter, which is lovely. These are all annuals. If you want a perennial type, look for Gypsophila paniculata varieties, such as ‘Virgo’ from King Seeds.

In the garden, apply a tomato fertiliser when the flower stalks emerge and keep plants well watered.

Plant Now: Gypsophila

gypsophila bouquet
Bouquet of baby's breath flowersgypsophila bouquetgypsophila-balls
Gypsophila elegans, aka baby’s breath, can be sown or planted now for a summer showing.

I love this plant – unless you pair it with red roses. Then it becomes horribly old-fashioned. But gypsophila is making a comeback on the floral scene, as it’s finally being used in fashionable ways. Brides are using it as the only flower in bouquets, and it looks stunning. Understated but very elegant.

Gypsophila elegans is a short-lived annual so it’s worth making successive sowings for an extended season. Sow up to late summer, or early autumn in warmer areas. Sow directly in a sunny, well-drained position and cover lightly with soil. Sowings made in semi-circles create a natural drift effect.

Apply a tomato fertiliser when the flower stalks emerge and keep plants well watered.

Gypsophila balls, made by Melania of Cecelia Fox. Read more about these here.

Bouquet of gypsophila – image from here

Foliage filler

bouquet with dusty miller
Duster miller (Senecio cineraria) is an old favourite and it’s especially useful as a filler for vases and bouquets. It’s velvet-like foliage is truly elegant, making other flowers, especially white ones, shine. Dusty miller can be picked throughout the growing season and needs no particular care, other than a spot in full sun.

This beautiful bouquet, from Style Me Pretty, features dusty miller and gypsophila amongst creamy white roses.

Baby’s breath hanging balls

gypsophila hanging balls

This has to be the best use EVER for baby’s breath (gypsophila). Delicate hanging balls. Melanie from Cecilia Fox, who made these beautiful baubles, says they’re not too difficult to make. “It is more or less bunches of gyp wired and put into an oasis sphere. It pays to hang the oasis ball from somewhere and start at the top working your way down. Pack the bunches in as tightly as possible and mist them thoroughly.”

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Melanie. Visit the Cecilia Fox website here for more lovely images.