Deluxe dahlias

Dahlias Blue Wish and Titoki PointI planted 23 different varieties of dahlias yesterday – mostly pinks, purples, magentas and reds, with a couple of white and peach varieties thrown in for good measure. A week ago, and not too far from here (about two turns left and one turn right), I journeyed the neighbourhood and spied two fully grown dahlia plants already flowering their socks off. If they could thrive not five minutes away from my own doorstep, it was high time I planted my own.

Dahlias are one of the most prolific flowering perennials and come in myriad shapes and sizes, from neat-as-a-pin pompoms to spidery cactus types and paeony and water lily lookalikes. The flowers range in size from tiny-tot heads less than 50mm to giants with a diameter of over 250mm. [Read more…]