Citrus, berries and white blooms

Amaryllis, berries and kumquat

What a fabulous plant combination! Snow white flowers, black berries and golden-orange kumquats. We don’t seem to have the egg-shaped kumquats in New Zealand but the round kumquats are equally effective. The white blooms look so pristine against the black berries and orange fruit. The blooms here are ranunculus and amaryllis. The berries are actually from the privet tree – a weed here. You could try viburnum berries instead.

This gorgeous arrangement features over at Ruffled. Check it out.

Q&A: Will my amaryllis flower next year?

Amaryllis from The Graphics Fairy
Q. I was recently given an amaryllis plant which produced two flower spikes and is now growing leaves. Is it possible to keep it in a way that it will flower again next year? Dorothy

A. Amaryllis, also known as hippeastrum, will flower the following season provided you follow a few basic steps. Once flowering has finished, cut the stems as close to the base as possible. Apply liquid fertiliser, as the bulb at this time will be storing nutrients for the following season. Keep watering your plant for the next two to three months. As flowering is initiated by a period of stress (about 10 weeks of either cool or dry conditions), stop watering your plant from the beginning of April until the end of June. You may lose some leaves, but don’t worry. In July, replant your bulb into fresh potting mix that contains a six-month slow-release fertiliser. The top third of the bulb should poke out of the soil. Your bulb should then flower about seven weeks later. Jane