Summer flower combos

Evergreen magnolia, cattleya and gardenia bouquet
Mermaid roses and yellow zinniasBouquet of roses and peaches
I was talking about evergreen magnolias last week, then came across this lovely bouquet (top photo) that uses the leaves as a backdrop to white blooms. The glossy green of the leaves really makes the white flowers pop, I think, with their bronze undersides showing too. The white flowers are made up of cattleya orchids and gardenias, and the fern is the umbrella fern.

The next image features the large-flowered climbing rose ‘Mermaid’ and bright yellow zinnias, while the bottom image includes a branch of immature peaches, of all things. I suppose if you have enough of them, why not? It does look great. Also included is the gorgeous rose ‘Apricot Brandy’, orange dahlias and geranium leaves.

These creations are by the amazing Kate Holt of Flowerwild Designs.

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