Succulents on pedestal

succulent pedestal

Got an old floor lamp that’s surplus to requirements? At least for its intended purpose. Turn it into a plant container. Here, the lamp shade has been removed and a lined basket filled with soil set in its place. It’s a super clever idea, and especially great where height is needed in the garden. Check out more container ideas for succulents at Mod Vintage Life.


  1. very cute ornament to the garden and is made from recycling material, muy buena idea

  2. Trish platt says:

    wow!! You have just totally changed my mind about succulents! Living in drought stricken California, I am so excited to do several of your projects…. But first is that lamp! I can’t wait to get started…..

  3. Elisabeth Karlsson says:

    Hello Sweden Calling; i intrested in the name of the flowers in the old floor lamp

    Elisabeth in Sweden

    • Hello Elisabeth. They are all succulents. I don’t know which ones exactly. Some are echeverias, some are sedum. The trailing plant with the little balls is Senecio Rowleyanus.

    • Sandi Cowan says:

      Elisabeth, the Daisy like Flower is called SEASIDE DAISY. It’s a very popular plant in Australia. If you like to contact me I could post you some seeds.

      Sandi in Australia.

  4. Sandi Cowan says:


    You can purchase the seeds on E-Bay. Botanical name is

    You would have to check whether they would send them overseas but if they won’t this company will post worldwide

    Their site has different varieties and some of them are for colder areas. So you could pick the one you like.

  5. Sandi Cowan says:

    Jane I also love your ideas. I already have a a basket set up but was going to hang it.

    Now I will try to find a lamp post.


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