Spring anemones

If you haven’t already, you can get your winter/spring anemones planted now. Gosh, I love these plants. They are one of my absolute favourite flowers, and year after year they give me loads and loads of pretty blooms – all from such tiny, ugly bulbs (actually corms). They continue to flower for two to three months (sometimes longer), and last for about seven days in the vase.

To break dormancy and encourage germination and good flower production, place corms in the fridge prior to planting (six weeks). Then soak for a few hours in tepid water before planting out in full sun in compost-enriched soil. The bulb packet should indicate how to plant them, but for the record, plant anemones with the corms pointy side down.

These bulbs are gluttons for food. Feed with a general purpose fertiliser once a month and keep well watered. They will continue to flower if you do this, so you will have lots of blooms to pick for indoors. The corms do sometimes produce flowers the following year, but it’s best to plant fresh ones each year.

Corms are in shops now, or look to specialist mailorder nurseries such as NZ Bulbs.

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