Romantic anemones and roses


I luuurrrrve this bouquet by Joy Proctor. It’s so very pretty with the burgundy anemones and deep red cabbage roses. It’s tied together with black berries, sweet peas and lovely mid-green foliage. Gorgeous!

See more of this moody design that was created for a film photography workshop over at Style Me Pretty.


  1. FelicityJones says:

    Hi Jane,
    I’m wondering if you can help me,
    Do you know where I could purchase some wire frames, to use with sphagnum moss,
    to make living wreaths?

    (I would rather not use florist foam for environmental reasons)
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received, I live in Auckland by the way


    • Hi Felicity
      For some reason we don’t seem to have the wire wreath frames here in NZ. At least I haven’t come across them before. I tried to find one last year, to no avail. You can buy them overseas – Etsy and Ebay have them. Or you could make your own wreath frame with chicken wire. Just cut a long oblong strip, fold it into a tube, then make a circle out of it.

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