Recycling bits and bobs

Old rake head for organising tools
tin dog sculpture from recycled materialsFun garden stakes
I confess, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I’m not too good at chucking things out. If the old iron bed head can be put to use as a climbing frame in the garden, then why do away with it? Old garden tools, pieces of scrap wood, even bottle tops can be recycled into very cool garden sculptures or tool racks. Check these out. If you have a rusty old rake, screw the head to the wall and use it for organising your tools, like this clever rack over at Craft Gossip. Or make a dinky-looking dog out of scrap metal, as seen here. Everyone’s got garden stakes, but do they look as funky as these, over at Fine Little Day? Actually, I don’t think they’re garden stakes, but they would look great in my garden.

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