Q&A: How do I prune my blueberry plants?


Q. I have a 3-year-old blueberry and a 1-year-old in pots. Now they have finished fruiting how do I prune them and can I grow more from the cuttings?

A. Blueberries don’t actually need a lot of pruning. It’s generally recommended that you remove the fruit buds on your plants in the first two years to maximise plant growth. Thereafter, remove only diseased wood or weak growth. Fruit is borne on second year wood, so if you prune regularly you won’t get any fruit. After four or five years, the oldest branches may need cutting back to encourage fresh, vigorous growth. Take softwood cuttings in early spring, about 15cm long. Strip the bottom leaves, leaving 2 or 3 at the top. Place cuttings in a pot filled with sand and peat moss and place your pot in a warm, bright spot out of direct sun. Keep moist and roots should form in about 8 weeks. Grow on in pots until plants are big enough to plant out in the garden or in a bigger container. Jane

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