Pretty paving

At first glance I thought this was paving, but when I read the description I found it was actually cladding for a 1903-1904 apartment building in Paris. I think it’s gorgeous, and it would make the most exquisite paving, wouldn’t it? I wonder if I can make some leaves or petals out of concrete?

Photo from seier+seier’s Flickr photostream.


  1. This is beautiful- instead of paving where I’m thinking all sorts of stuff could get embedded in this intricate pattern, it would be great as hanging wall art.
    You then could make it from clay .
    First make a model from solid clay then cast in plaster and then slip cast with liquid clay.This way you can make several and even line areas of a courtyard or sides of an upright fountain.
    Thank you for the great inspiration- off to do some planning.

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