Plant Now: Zinnias

zinnia bouquet
Everyone loves zinnias – at least, everyone whom I come across does. They are such vibrant flowers and superb cut flowers, and they flower for weeks on end. The only hiccough is the leaves can get powdery mildew in humid areas. Other than that, they’re easy-care.

Head to your garden centre and you’ll find zinnias in the potted colour section, or in multiple seedling packs. Plant in a sunny spot in the garden and feed and deadhead regularly for a continuous supply of blooms. If you do that, your zinnias will flower right throughout summer and autumn.

If you want to grow your zinnias as cut flowers, snip off the centre flowers when plants are about 40cm high (do this on regular zinnias, not bedding, or dwarf, zinnias). This encourages the plants to branch low and produce taller stems.

Top image via Wedding Chicks


  1. These flowers are definitely one of my favourites. And I noticed, that lately more and more people discover their beauty. I personally love the bright flowers, because they can turn even the most boring garden into a magical place. They need a lot of compost in order to grow higher, but they are definitely worth the effort.

    • Suzie Gordon says:

      I am wanting to grow them taller for flower arranging and will try the idea of taking the central flower out. Is it the same idea for cornflowers and other branching flower stalks

      • Hi Suzie
        I’ve actually not tried it with cornflowers. It doesn’t seem to need it, but you could try one of your plants and report back. 🙂 Pinching the tips of growing sunflowers when about 30cm high works well too.

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