Plant Now: Zinnias

zinnias2ZinniasBicolor ZinniaPurple zinnias
I love zinnias. They are true workhorses in the garden and complement almost any flower in the vase or bouquet. They come in all colours, including bicolours and stripes, and have single or double blooms, depending on the variety. They may be pale or vibrant, and they flaunt their cheerful blooms over a very long season – through summer and autumn. They are a must-have for the cutting garden.

They are super easy to grow too – a great plant for beginners and kids. Sow seeds directly during spring and summer, or plant in trays to be transplanted when big enough. Plant in full sun in reasonably fertile soil, and feed with liquid fertiliser, and deadhead, regularly, to keep the flowers coming.

The top two images are by photographer Corbin Gurkin, from Ariella Journal.

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