Plant Now: Sweet peas


Have you planted your sweet peas yet? You still can. Even though they are typically sown in autumn, here in NZ we can plant them throughout winter and even early spring (best in cooler areas).

We’re spoilt for choice with the colours available, but I’m loving the pinks and purples. I especially love the picotee varieties – those flowers whose edges are a different colour than the flower’s base colour, like the purple sweet peas in the top image.

Find a sunny spot in your garden that has humus-rich, well-drained soil, and sow seeds directly, or plant seedlings from the garden centre.

You can sow your seeds in small pots to transplant later if you prefer, but leave the containers outdoors, not in a greenhouse. Sweet peas germinate at low temperatures; strong plants result if grown in high light and cool conditions. Spindly, sprawling ones often result if grown in a greenhouse.

Photo credits: Top image is from WedLuxe; Middle image is from All Things Girly & Beautiful; Bottom image is from Love My Dress.

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