Plant Now: Sunflowers




Get your sunny blooms off to a good start now by sowing seeds either directly in the garden or in trays for transplanting later.

Sunflowers come in all sizes (dwarf to gigantic) and varying colours, from vibrant yellows and oranges to deeper shades of brown and red. Plant them in a sunny spot in fertile soil and provide them with good moisture. Lack of soil fertility and moisture will reduce the vigour of your plants.

Sunflowers actually grow according to the space you give them. Cramped plants will produce smaller heads and thinner stalks, so if you want reasonable sized flowers, provide reasonable space between each plant. If you want to grow the tallest sunflowers in your neighbourhood, sow the seeds directly into the soil. They will grow taller when sown directly as opposed to transplanting.


  1. Clare Strange says:

    Finally, after reading all your blog posts, you write about something I’m actually doing! My sunflower seedlings are almost ready to be planted. Seeds don’t do well when put straight into the ground here.
    After a big windstorm last week which blew my Warehouse cold frame into the next paddock, just about the only seedlings that made it were the tough sunflowers.

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