Plant Now: Succulents

Grey succulent in floral design
Succulents in floral designSucculents in glass jar
Ahhh. I do love succulents. In the garden and in the vase. I used to think they were pretty common, but I revised my thinking when I discovered the trend for putting them in bouquets. They simply make divine cut flowers, and once the rest of the flowers have packed it in, you plant your succulent stems back in the garden. Echeverias and aeoniums are often used as cut flowers because their rosettes perch on the top of long stems. Here’s a tip. Check out your local hospice shop. They often have cheap succulents for sale. Succulents need very little attention. In fact, I never feed or water mine. Just plant them in a sunny spot and let them get on with it.

Photo credits: The top photo is from Style Me Pretty; the middle photo is also from Style Me Pretty (check out the full gallery here); and the bottom photo – yes, you guessed it – is from the ever-inspirational Style Me Pretty too. We love you, Style Me Pretty!


  1. Great for wedding centerpieces!

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