Plant Now: Snake’s head fritillary

Snakeshead Fritillary

The snake’s head fritillary, also known as chequered lily (Fritillaria meleagris), produces fine bells of maroon or reddish purple and white chequers in spring. They look very exotic in bouquets and equally so in the garden. In their native Europe these plants are commonly found in damp grasslands and meadows, so they grow well in shady, moist areas. The bulbs are best planted in late summer or early autumn. Bulbs are available from mailorder specialists, like NZ Bulbs and GardenPost.


  1. Helen Argyle says:

    Hello just looking at your website I see you stock Fritillaries ,I have recently moved house .would be keen to purchase one or 2 .what price do the retail at .also after the small snowdrop bulbs Helen Argyle

  2. R these frittillaria shade or sun? I have a small piece of land about 2’ deep by 4’ long by my bulkhead that stays damp and gets a little morning sun only. Would these bulbs do well in my location??? Thank u. Donna F in Massachusetts

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