Plant Now: Roses

Beautiful roses
amber carpet rose
It’s not the typical time of year to plant roses (at least not in the southern hemisphere), though potted roses can actually be planted year-round. In fact, it’s not a bad time of year at all to get your roses, because you’ll be able to see them in bloom in the garden centre. The colours on the labels are often not a complete match to the actual blooms (that’s to do with the printing process), so to see them in flower is a good option.

Particularly Flower Carpet roses. My Flower Carpet Amber (bottom image) is flowering its socks off right now and it looks spectacular. This rose was introduced in 2009 and recently won an award in the All Deutschland Rose Trials, considered the world’s toughest test of rose performance. It’s certainly a great performer, producing masses and masses of blooms from spring till late autumn. It inspires passersby too. Planted at the front of my house, I often see people taking photos (truly) as well as cuttings! Well, at least there is plenty of it to go around.

If you are planting roses now, make sure you water them well over the summer period. Plant them in compost-enriched soil in full sun, and feed regularly.

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