Plant Now: Ranunculus

Ranunculus corms are in garden centres now, so buy some and bung them in the fridge. A cold spell helps to break dormancy and encourages germination and good flower production. Four weeks is a good time. After that, soak them in tepid water for a few hours, then plant them out, with their claws facing down. If you plant them now you’ll get winter blooms, a little later and you’ll get spring blooms. Don’t forget to feed your plants. Ranunculi are greedy guts. Feed them once a month with a general purpose fertiliser.


  1. i just love ranunculus! i have planted some for the first time in my garden this year.. knowing nothing about them. i adore them as cut flowers. i love your blog- just stumbled across it.. i’ll be asking lots of questions so i can get some of this gorgeousness into my garden!! hope that is o.k. Emma

  2. Hi Jane, Do you know where I can get a good colour range of Ranunculus from? The stock in plant stores seem to be very limited (just rainbow mix, yellow, pink, red, white)… I’m after a more interesting mix of pastels or two tone fringed petals. Any NZ suppliers that you might know of? Thanks, Lydia

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