Plant Now: Proteas

Divine protea in wedding bouquet
protea dinner tableproteas in wedding bouquetTable design with proteas
Head down to your local garden centre and you’ll see a range of proteas in store now. Many of these large beauties bloom in winter, so it’s a good time to pick one up. They’re fussy plants – they like full sun and excellent drainage. Don’t bother if your soil is anything but free-draining. Plants won’t survive long if their feet are sodden. Slopes, raised beds or growing on mounds is ideal. Plant in an open position where they get plenty of air, or wind. A windy spot at least allows for good air circulation which in turn keeps humidity levels down and diseases away. Proteas much prefer poor acidic soils than fertile soils. They’ll tolerate sandy to clay soils, so long as drainage is good.

Photo credits, from top to bottom: Southbound Bride; The Pretty Blog; Meredith Perdue; 100 Layer Cake.

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