Plant Now: Pieris japonica

Lily of the valley bush (Pieris japonica) is an evergreen shrub, which grows best in part shade. In spring and early summer, masses of white or pink bell-shaped flowers appear on 10-15cm long racemes. The pink buds, which show all through winter, are attractive too. Head to your local garden centre and pick one up now, so you can enjoy the buds and later the flowers in the next few months.

Plant in moderately moist but free-draining soil that’s slightly acidic.

Top two images from Flirty Fleurs


  1. wonderfull !!

  2. Are you able to tell me what the tiny maroon coloured flowers are are mixed in with the Pierris at the bottom of the bouquet in the second photo down? Are the photos from a NZ website..I am keen to find out what they are…thanks

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