Plant Now: Pansies

Pansy bouquet
Pansy flowerPansy flowers red and orangePurple and orange pansiesYellow and purple pansiesPurple pansy posyThe humble pansy should never be overlooked for colour and quiet elegance in the garden. And although short-stemmed, they make excellent cut flowers for small posies or shorter stemmed bouquets. You can see what we mean with this gorgeous bouquet (top photo) with golden yellow pansies and purple columbine (aka granny’s bonnets) that features over at Martha Stewart. Or display your pansies in small vases or containers, even a salt cellar.

Buy seedlings from garden centres to plant straight out in the garden, or sow seeds in trays for transplanting later. These cool-season plants come in many colours and grow in sun or light shade. Soil should be moist but free-draining with plenty of compost dug in. Deadhead the flowers regularly and your plants will continue to flower for several weeks.

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