Plant Now: Dahlias

Dahlias, with their vibrant  blooms and tall stems, are ideal for picking. And if you don’t like red ones, there’s a white or pink one, yellow or orange one, or salmon, cream or greenish one that will suit you. Their flowers come in all colours and different forms, including Cactus (with double blooms and narrow petals that are rolled or straight, incurved or recurved, giving them a spiky appearance – like the middle photo above), Decorative (double blooms showing no central disc), Pompom and Ball (an obvious pompom shape with no central disc, like the bottom photo), Anemone (with small petals in the centre with larger petals surrounding those), Waterlily, Peony, and a few others. There are literally thousands of hybrids to choose, and all are easy to grow.

Plant your dahlias in a sunny spot in free-draining soil. Dahlias don’t dig too deep, so plant them in a spot that’s sheltered from wind. Staking is generally advised, but if you grow a lot, like I do, stakes just look hideous. Best to plant them in a wind-free garden if you grow several. Dig in plenty of compost before planting and add a balanced fertiliser. Avoid using fresh manure or compost that hasn’t quite broken down as these can cause excessive soft growth which is susceptible to mildews and stem rot.

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The beautiful top image comes from Tec Petaja


  1. Clair Finlay says:

    Dahlias are one of my favourites for the garden because the range and ease of care are amazing. I have a few and am increasing my stash year by year! Thanks for the article.
    I have joined a group on FB specifically on dahlias and it’s hugely informative and inspiring.

  2. Thanks so much for this article! One of my favorite flowers are dahlias. I want to plant a lots of flowers in my backyard so thanks for the advices. Regards!

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