Plant now: Cowslip


Cowslip (Primula veris) bears upright stems of bright yellow, nodding flowers in spring. It used to grow wild in fields in Britain, though it’s not commonly seen there now. In fact, it’s quite rare in the wild due to over-picking (it’s a medicinal plant) and extensive farming.

Seed can be sown now, but stratify at 4degC for three weeks before planting. Cowslip grows in average to heavy soils in part shade.

Seeds are available from Kings Seeds.


  1. Sue White says:

    Lovely shots and wonderful advice as ever.Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  2. Jocelyn Hishon says:

    Hi Jane

    What a wonderful blog.
    Have just discovered it via ‘Get Growing”, and am riveted ……thankyou.
    I love gardening and displaying flowers, so loving both your inspiring artistry and all your wonderful tips.

    Just love Cowslip but never see it in garden centres.
    Where do you get it from, please……..happy to grow it from seed.

    Many thanks
    Joce Hishon

  3. Jocelyn Hishon says:

    Oh Crikey obviously haven’t read the entire article…..I see you have included Kings Seeds as the source for seeds.

    Thanks again
    Joce Hishon

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