Plant Now: Chamomile

chamomile bouquet
Chamomile colourful bouquetschamomile piechamomile cake
Whether it’s for a hot cuppa, an aromatic lawn, a pie or posy, chamomile can be sown now for it’s useful summer blooms. The distinct apple-like taste and aroma can be utilised in just about anything, but check out these exquisite ideas above. Dry your own blooms and make yourself a calming chamomile tea or use the pretty flowers in bouquets and flower arrangements, as seen in these gorgeous designs by Poppies & Posies. Just look at the way the white petals pop against the deep purple ones; Strawberry, rhubarb, apple, sugar and chamomile pie anyone? Cruise on over to Cannelle et Vanille for more inspiration; or simply use your blooms for simple yet chic cake decorating (from A Little Glass Box).

Or if you want to plant a chamomile lawn, click here for instructions.

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