Plant Now: Celosias

Orange celosia
Orange celosia
The cockscomb celosia (Celosia argentea var. cristata) is so named because it looks just like a cockscomb – or a brain, if you like. It’s really quite a spectacular flower, making a long-lasting display in the vase. Seeds can be sown in trays now or sown directly in spring when all danger of frosts has passed. Don’t let the seedlings get too cool or moist as they’re prone to damping off. Seeds are available from Egmont Seeds and Kings Seeds. Or look for seedlings at your local garden centre.

Photo credits: top photo comes from Fifty Flowers; bottom photo comes from Wedding Wire.



  1. I love these celosias, they give such a unique, exotic look to the flower bouquet!

  2. Alison Wilson says:

    What are the green moss like balls in the bouquet? I have never seen them before, they look very effective with the celosias.

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