Plant Now: Calla Lilies

Wedding flowersWedding flowersWedding flowersBeautiful calla lilies. Wedding flowers.
Calla lilies (Zantedeschia) are one of my favourite flowers. They’re just so elegant. Although they can be flamboyant superheroes too, with their racy yellow, orange or hot pink hues. I prefer the paler pinks, creams and whites, or the sumptuous deep burgundies and purples, although in the right setting, I find even the yellows, seen here with berries and variegated foliage, quite striking.

It’s your last chance to plant calla lily tubers for summer blooming. You can buy tubers from garden centres, although bear in mind that tubers under 3cm won’t produce flowers until the second year. When large enough, tubers will flower 10 to 12 weeks after planting.

Plant in free-draining, moderately fertile soil in full sun. Water regularly, particularly once the first leaves have formed, and feed occasionally with liquid fertiliser.

Harvest plants when the spathes are fully open but before the pollen is dispersed. They will last two weeks or more in the vase.


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