Plant Now: Anemones

Anemones are my all-time favourite spring bulbs – these and ranunculus which come a very close second. I have a whole lot of the divine Anemone ‘Bordeaux’ (top image) sitting in the fridge at the moment, ready for planting out. (‘Bordeaux’ is pretty much sold out in New Zealand. Though if you’re lucky you may still find a pack at your local garden centre. These came from GardenPost, also sold out.) Anemones can be planted from now until May (late autumn). An earlier planting will produce winter blooms, a later one will give you spring blooms.

To break dormancy and encourage germination and good flower production, place corms in the fridge prior to planting (six weeks for anemones, four weeks for ranunculus). Then soak for a few hours in tepid water before planting out in full sun. Plant corms with the pointy side down.

Anemones are gluttons for food. Feed with a general purpose fertiliser once a month and keep well watered.

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