Plant a water lily garden

Waterlily and tuberose bouquet by Little Pheasant

Water lilies make great cut flowers (just look at this beautiful bouquet by Denise over at Little Pheasant). Those with long stems, as shown here (tropical water lilies), are best for picking but don’t overlook the shorter stemmed varieties (hardy water lilies) – you can float those in glass or ceramic bowls for a pretty centrepiece.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large pond – great. If not, a simple container pond will do. But the bigger the container the better. Water lilies grow best if they have a reasonable amount of space, and if you feed them, they’ll grow even bigger. Sealed terracotta pots and half wine barrels, lined with plastic, are ideal, although plastic pots have the advantage of being lighter and instantly water-tight.

For best plant growth, place your container where it receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. If mozzies continually set up camp in your container, add a couple of fish. They’ll eat the larvae, saving you the hassle of having to skim your pond regularly.

Hardy water lilies can be planted from August until March, tropical water lilies from September to March.


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