Peonies from heaven


The first of the season’s peonies hit the flower auctions this week and they sold for a whopping $24 per stem! And that’s the wholesale price. If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow peonies in your area, you might be on to a good thing.

Peonies need a certain amount of cold to flower, so they won’t grow in my Auckland patch. But I love them all the same. If you want to grow them, autumn’s the best time for planting bare-rooted plants (most specialist nurseries send them out bare-rooted), although peonies in pots can be planted during the growing season. But don’t expect too much in the first year – it takes a good three or four years to become big enough for cutting.

The top two arrangements shown here were put together by Sarah from Saipua and posted on Design Sponge. You can check out her other peony arrangements there too. The bottom arrangement was crafted by the talented Denise over at Little Pheasant.

If you’re picking (or buying) peonies for the vase, cut when still in bud. You don’t want them to be too tight or hard – they should feel soft like a marshmallow. Same goes when buying them from a florist. If you can get them in bud stage, all the better.

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