Orchids in bouquets

cymbidium bouquet
Are your cymbidium orchids in flower yet? Mine are nearly so – just a few more days before they open. They are late this year, though I did move them into a different spot than previous years.

I’ve been working on a weddings magazine these past few weeks, with incredibly gorgeous blooms everywhere. Here’s one of the bouquets and buttonholes, both of which feature cymbidiums.

Cymbidiums are so long lasting they are ideal for bouquets or the vase. Though you can also bring your potted plant indoors once it’s in bloom and use it as a table centrepiece. Once it’s finished flowering, shove it back outdoors.

Read more about growing and caring for cymbidiums



  1. Hello Jane,
    We are looking to order a wedding bouquet with Lily of the valley. They don’t seem to be available in Taupo. can you help?

    • Hi Lyn. It might depend what month you want them for. They are available in florists but only for a very short time. Usually September or October in NZ. If it is for those months, your florist should be able to order them in for you (from the flower markets). It really depends on the florist whether they usually get them in or not. But it’s worth asking around, and also asking if they will order them in for you, if it’s in the right season.

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