Online Herb Workshop



Join my online herb workshop. This 6-week online course has 6 modules. Learn in your own time.

You’ll learn about:

  • Herbs for stress and sleep (which herbs work and which don’t)
  • Herbs for beauty (make your own face and body creams, lip balms, deodorants, perfumes, etc)
  • Herbs for common ailments (make salves, tinctures, oils, tonics, etc)
  • Herbs for cleaning (make your own natural cleaners for around the home)
  • Cooking with herbs – how many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are lost through cooking (plus making herb mixes, and preserving your herbs)
  • How to grow and propagate your own herbs

Read more about the course and see previous participants’ comments, here.



  1. Jacqui Vowles says:

    I was searching for fritilaria bulbs in NZ and your 2012 post came up. Could you tell me where I can buy some please

    • Hi Jacqui
      Presuming you are in NZ, these sell out very quickly so you are unlikely to find any now (spring).They are usually found at specialty online bulb stores in autumn, such as

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