Nice nemesias

Nemesia Innocence Opal

A pot of single-coloured nemesias is quite lovely, be they purple, red, lemon, white or other colour. These nemesias, from the Aussie Winners range, look so elegant with their lavender and pink tinged white blooms. Called ‘Innocence Opal’, just think how beautiful they would look mass-planted in the garden.


  1. Hi Jane,
    I came across your blog while researching on gardening in containers and the type of soil to use. Your blog is very informative and I have decided to give a second try at growing vegetables this year.

    I generally use the black potting bags, size 28. I have approximately 8 pots from last year. I have uprooted the dead plants and was wondering whether I can reuse the soil for this year. My pods have grown and I can see the roots popping out from the bottom.

    The soil I used last year was a potting mix. And now it has some left over, cut off roots, some moss and I can see spiders and cockroaches around the pots. Should I clear the soil of the roots and moss and see if there are any more spiders or cockroaches within? If I could reuse this soil, I was thinking of putting 50% organic compost to it before planting.

    Also, apart from carrot, do you think I should plant beans, tomato and cucumber in one size smaller bags before finally planting them in the size 28 bags?


    • Hi Isha

      You can reuse the soil but I’d be more inclined to use fresh potting mix when growing vegetables. It has all the nutrients you need, plus slow-release fertiliser, for growing your veggies. Your last year’s soil will have depleted all the nutrients. Having said that, generally speaking, you can reuse potting mix, mixing 50% compost into it as you suggest. However, I would only do that if the soil looked ‘clean’. With moss and quite possibly mould, I wouldn’t use it, just to be on the safe side. You may be introducing soil fungi to your plants otherwise.
      I’m not familiar with “size 28 bags” sorry. If you could give me their size in centimetres I could give you a better idea.

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