Name that rudbeckia

Rudbeckia Toto Rustic

A reader recently asked about a lovely looking rudbeckia she came across. “I have a neighbour who has a most striking rudbeckia – which seems to fit the Readers Digest description of Rudbeckia bicolor – flower petals tipped yellow, shading to dark crimson with a brown centre. It also has lovely gold-tipped stamens surrounding the central cone.” Where can she find one of these plants?

Well, not under the name Rudbeckia bicolor, but it’s possible it’s one of the Rudbeckia ‘Toto’ mix. It’s hard to say without seeing a photo, but ‘Toto’ might be the likely bet. You can buy seeds from Egmont Seeds or you can buy plants from Cara Cottage.

It’s a good time to plant rudbeckias for picking. They flower from summer through autumn and they’re seriously drought tolerant. I hardly ever water mine, yet they never fail to bloom. There are many different varieties to choose from too. Click here to read more about growing rudbeckias.

Pictured is Rudbeckia ‘Toto Rustic’ from Gardening.


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