Kalanchoe cut flowers

Kalanchoe blooming branchKalanchoe flower blossomsKalanchoe
The potted indoor Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (aka flaming Katy) is in bloom for about 10 weeks over winter and early spring, so it makes sense that it lasts well as a cut flower too. It certainly looks pretty in a vase, and I’ve seen it used in wedding bouquets. There are both single and double flowered forms, and the blooms come in vibrant colours or paler hues.


  1. Hi-

    Do you have any suppliers/growers you could recommend that would sell direct to public?

    I’ve only seen a few scraggy looking single flower plants in my garden centre.

    • Hi Joanne
      No, I’m afraid I don’t. The growers would all be wholesalers. But if you do find one you like (I do see some lovely ones in the garden centres from time to time) you could buy it and propagate it yourself by taking stem cuttings in late spring or early summer. Flaming Katies are perennials but they tend to decline after their first year or two, so it’s a good idea to take cuttings anyway.

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