Grape hyacinths

Grape hyacinthGrape hyacinthMuscari grape hyacinth
I do love grape hyacinths, and any beginner gardener or home florist should get to love them too. These plants are bullet-proof; in fact in the right conditions they may become a little invasive. But all the more to pick for the vase, right?

Grape-like clusters of bright blue or (less common) yellow or white flowers give this plant its common name. The flowers appear in early spring and naturalise readily, producing fine blue carpets beneath trees and shrubs. They grow in sun or part shade, but in hot areas they need protection from the midday sun.

Flowers start to decline when bulbs become overcrowded, so if that’s the case, dig up clumps, divide them and replant them around your garden. The bulbs themselves are planted in autumn, in rich, free-draining soil, 10cm deep and 5cm apart.

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