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Like to sew? Like to upcycle? Want to save the planet?

You might like the latest issue of Sweet Living magazine – the upcycling issue. This special edition is all about upcycling clothes (repurposing, refashioning, recycling). Make a handbag from an old leather jacket, make a coat from a wool blanket, upcycle shirts, scarves, jeans, and more.




  1. Francie Smith says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this magazine. I love to buy at charity shops, here and overseas, and I donate my stuff to op shops but have not tried upcycling. This magazine has given me so many ideas – I love mens business shirts but have never thought to upcycle them into more fashionable garments. I also prefer mens woollen jumpers too.
    But the visible mending article is brilliant. Years ago I bought merino pants from Icebreaker. I have two pairs and I love them but they are in desperate need of repair and a couple of my jumpers need some help too.. Some lovely ideas in this article and I’m looking forward to trying my hand at mending.
    Many thanks

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