Evergreen magnolia a star bloomer

Magnolia grandiflora Ferruginea
Evergreen magnolia bronze leaves
My evergreen magnolias (Magnolia grandiflora ‘Ferruginea’) have been amazing this year. It’s taken a while for them to get going, but this year they’re blooming their socks off. I have three in all, planted side by side, like a pleached hedge. I’m growing them for the leaves, as they’re superb cut foliage, with their polished green tops and felted bronze bottoms. But the dinner plate-size blooms are a definite bonus. The only thing is once they’re fully open, they only last a day or so before the petals begin to brown and fall off. But the buds take a while to open – and this year there are plenty of them. The flowers began appearing in early December and will continue over the summer months. The flowers are beautifully scented too. As you wander past you can smell the sweet lemony scent on the air. Yet another bonus is that the flowers draw in the bees. Which has to be good for the garden.


  1. Love getting your ideas Jane, Happy New Year to you too. Love the online magazine. Well done

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